Event Photography

What is Event Photography?

Very basically, an event photographer specializes in capturing pictures of events. How you define an “event” is entirely up to you. Some people would consider weddings, concerts, and sports as part of the event photography definition, and in a broad sense, they’re right. But if you focus on weddings or sports, brand yourself as such as a photographer. In industry terms, a self-described event photographer is generally associated with corporate events.

Taking pictures of corporate events is a very responsible job. If you get hired to photograph an event or volunteer for event photography, you definitely need to make sure that you have the right equipment and technique before accepting the job. Do not assume that if you can photograph outside portraits, you can easily photograph any event. You really need to know how to work in low-light environments and how to use external flash, since many corporate events take place indoors with a very limited amount of ambient light.

Essential for Event Photography

Event photography rarely allows for much artistic freedom. Most clients, especially if they are corporate, have specific moments or themes that need to be captured. They also tend to have a certain photo style in mind that fits with their company’s aesthetic. Some clients will even have a specific style guide for you to follow. In any case, it’s wise to research what kind of photographs your client has commissioned before, or what kinds of images are typical of that kind of event. Always ask the client for sample images of previous events. In every case, it’s always important to establish client expectations ahead of time so you can act accordingly.​​​​

Examples of [corporate] event photography:

  • conferences
  • trade shows
  • retirement dinners
  • holiday parties
  • galas
  • corporate anniversaries
  • office open houses